There's so much that can be done these days to improve the appearance of a person's smile — at any age. From powerful, professional whitening treatments to amazingly realistic porcelain veneers to state-of-the-art dental implants, there's a wide range of exciting possibilities. 

BONDING & Tooth colored fillings

Bonding uses tooth-colored materials to replace missing or decayed tooth structure or hide cosmetically unappealing minor defects in a tooth — chips, discoloration, and even minor spacing irregularities. This restores the look, form and function of your teeth.


Very minor smoothing and shaping can remove chips and uneven edges, dramatically changing the appearance of your teeth making them look straighter and more appealing. 


Crowns restore form and function of teeth that are badly broken down from decay and old fillings, making them look new and bright. A bridge is any number of crowns fused together to replace missing teeth, and is permanently cemented into place. Crowns and bridges function similarly to having your own teeth in place. 


Dental Implants are the most successful dental treatment in dentistry. They are used to replace one tooth, multiple teeth, and support dentures. Implants are surgically placed by an Oral Surgeon and will heal in the jaw. Dr. Stone will then place either a crown or abutments and attachments to support a denture. 


Veneers are porcelain facings placed on the front surface of your teeth. Veneers can change the shape, size, and color of you teeth, and can also close spaces between teeth giving an overall beautiful and youthful smile. 


Bacterial plaque collects on areas of your teeth that are missed when people brush and floss. over time, these areas turn into tartar and calculus which collects on roots below the gumline. The body responds with inflammation of the affected area. If left untreated, this disease can lead to bone loss and eventual tooth loss.


Semi-annual cleanings and exams are essential to the maintenance of your oral health and to the prevention of tooth loss and periodontal disease. Oral cancer screenings are also necessary in order to prevent and or catch the disease early. Unfortunately, Oral Cancer does occur and we want to catch it early to make it more curable. 


When patients have badly broken down teeth and or gum disease and have lost teeth, dentures are potentially the best solution. Dentures are a prosthetic that replaces hopeless teeth and creates a new beautiful smile that friends and family will admire. 

teeth whitening

We have multiple systems designed to whiten different shades of teeth. Schedule an appointment today to discuss how we can help to improve and whiten your teeth. 

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